KURO-Bo Activated Charcoal Water Filter Stick


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ENJOY | 100% PLASTIC-FREE TAP WATER FILTERS | Just a natural stick of Activated Charcoal. Simply add, purify, enjoy. Repeat for 3-6 months. Couldn’t be easier. H2O as nature intended.

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Expertly handcrafted from hardwood, using an ancient Japanese technique, each stick of handcut Kuro-Bo Activated Charcoal (Binchotan) is scientifically proven to naturally purify water by removing metals, chemicals and E. coli. Balancing an acidic pH and releasing beneficial minerals, such as calcium and magnesium for a cleaner and more refreshing taste.


  • Charcoal water filter purifies ordinary tap water in a 100% eco-friendly way
  • 100% plastic-free, natural and recyclable water filter
  • Charcoal attracts positively-charged toxins and heavy metals and draws them out of the water, while depositing beneficial minerals into the water
  • Enriches every glass of water with bioavailable minerals like calcium and magnesium
  • Can be used in any water container, to suit any lifestyle
  • Activated charcoal also balances the water’s pH
  • Recyclable in many eco-friendly ways

Up to 3L / 3+ months


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